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Martial law if Trump loses election

Trump meanwhile promises to ‘put down’ leftwing protests and says US Marshals killing Portland suspect was ‘retribution’

Wealth of US billionaires rises by nearly a third

Report includes Jeff Bezos, whose personal fortune has risen by 65% since 18 March

Steve Bannon urged Facebook followers to 'Take Action' on eve of capitol riot

Bannon and other conspiracy theorists were able to get around Facebook's ban on "Stop the Steal" content with alarming ease

Far-right misinformation received highest engagement on Facebook

Far-left sources were a distant second in earned engagement, according to the study

Oath Keepers’ best new hope is a lawyer who cites ‘Lord of the Rings’

Prosecutors are said to be considering sedition charges against members of the far-right militia

Key moments from tech’s latest grilling in Congress

The Facebook, Google and Twitter chiefs field questions over online extremism and Covid-19 misinformation

Trump faces a narrow path to victory against suspension

The board reviewing his case has overturned Facebook’s content takedowns in almost every decision so far

Facebook knew of Honduran president’s manipulation campaign – and let it go

Juan Orlando Hernández falsely inflated his posts’ popularity for nearly a year

Trump’s Facebook ban should not be lifted, network’s oversight board rules

The Facebook Oversight Board is referring its most controversial case back to the company

Donald Trump's 'Big Lie' is working, may cost GOP votes

“What Donald Trump is saying is actually telling people it's not worth it to vote"

DeSantis gives Fox 'exclusive' of him signing election bill

“This keeps us ahead of the curve,” DeSantis said after signing the bill