Gold Standard Banking Group (GSB)

Experts issue warning for G999 and GSB boss Josip Heit

Consumer advocates and victims have published the website

Josip Heit with Alexandru Cocindau. The Romanian developed the apparent G999 technical fraud system and platforms


Croatian entrepreneur Josip Heit is the head of Gold Standard Banking Group (GSB) based in Hamburg, Germany. With his company, he has currently released the cryptocurrency G999, which has lost nearly 85 percent of its value since its launch about four weeks ago. Heit, 43, bases his business on a global distribution network called "Gold Standard Partners", which he apparently acquired from a competitor. According to reports, millions in damages are at stake.

According to various investigations, Josip Heit received more than 120 million euros from a former business partner to pay for gold mining, gold purchases, product and software development. In fact, however, according to the current accusation, Heit did not deliver of it and put the sum, after he had returned about 15 million euros, into his own pocket. Josip Heit has gone into hiding in Dubai where he lives in a luxury hotel.

The 43-year-old Croatian is under investigation by various public prosecutors in Germany, South Africa, Canada and the USA. Current information is offered in English and German on the website This site is apparently operated by victims of the fraud with the support of consumer protection organizations. The website also shows the current price of the G999. It is currently $0.0070 per piece.

Josip Heit has spent millions promoting his currency. He unveiled the new cryptocurrency with German celebrity girl Sophia Thomalla at a big show in Dubai. Heit makes a legal point of stating that his G999 is not a cryptocurrency, but a blockchain model. However, the company's whitepaper does not give a clear statement of what actually happens in this blockchain.

Heit has also stated vast sums of money for PR and press campaigns around the world, using it to suppress negative coverage on Internet search engines. The victims, who come from international networking systems, usually get information about companies and people from search engines like Google. Here, according to Josip Heit's plan, only "good news" should be found.

Trade and business media have condemned the 43-year-old's business model as a "scam", "pyramid scheme", "pilot game" and "crypto-scam". If you believe the experts, then the G999, of which more than 17 billion units have been issued, could surpass the fraud system "OneCoin". Currently, according to research by the prestigious German business newspaper Handelsblatt, the G999 is offered in more than 100 countries through the Gold Standard Partners Network.

Josip Heit and his GSB Group have also been criticized because he has still not been able to clear up the fact that his company is apparently involved in money laundering. Several major national and international banks have terminated their cooperation. Heit has close ties to an alleged criminal network in Romania that is suspected of being involved in human trafficking, child pornography, extortion, tax evasion, money laundering and mafia activities.

Alex Bodi, who was arrested in Romania, is a close friend and business partner of Josip Heit. He has also played an important role in the GSB network in the past. Bodi was arrested in one of the biggest police operations in Romania in the recent past. Currently, he is under house arrest for the COVID pandemic. The Romanian prosecutor's office has requested that Bodi be returned to custody because of his criminal background. The decision is expected on January 18.

Josip Heit is already planning a new event next weekend: Then, new victims for the G999 scam are to be recruited in a worldwide conference call.

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How Josip Heit collected 118.8 million euros for nothing

Perhaps the good life for Josip Heit will soon come to an end. The self-proclaimed "banker" owes personally and with his company "Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG" (GSB) 118.8 million euros in Germany alone. This is evidenced by documents that have now also been submitted to the public prosecutor's office. The Croatian, who was once called Josip Curcic, currently operates the criminal crypto network G999 together with globally operating networkers of "Gold Standard Partners". The 44-year-old "banker," who is also believed to have close ties to organized crime (OV), is under investigation not only in Germany.

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The unbelievably brazen data theft by Josip Heit from his Gold Standard Partners

New serious accusations against professional criminal Josip Heit and his fraud network G999: IT specialists have analyzed the alleged "GSTelecom by G999 Blockchain". Their warning: "This app, disguised as a chat program, is nothing more than an attempt to tap personal data and collect confidential passwords." The data theft is well disguised at that: "Welcome to the first decentralized chat app", it says as a greeting. Of course, the G999 scam would be nothing if CEO Josip Heit didn't loudly proclaim: "The most advanced chat application". Of course, this is absolute nonsense.